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We are a Certified 3M Pro Shop Dealer and Factory Certified
of Opti-Coat Ceramic Coatings

The world of ceramic coatings can be complicated but we will simplify it for you. 

Ceramic technology in automotive applications brings high gloss, durability and ease of maintenance as never seen in the past.  Ceramic coatings are not meant to prevent stone chips and hard impact damage, rather these products are liquid, thin and designed to add gloss, water shedding (hydrophobics), superior resistance to environmental contaminants and ease of cleaning, over a very long time. 


After applying ceramic coatings the vehicle will be protected and weekly cleaning is an option not a requirement. Ceramic coatings can be applied to almost any surface, glass, leather, paint, tires... all providing shine and protection for years to come.  Some of our products require annual maintenance and others do not, but none that you need to do.  If you select a product that requires annual warranty maintenance, we provide that as a complimentary service not an annual expense, if you are the client that has their vehicle detailed several times per year we will do this seamlessly at those visits.

The two basic technologies in coatings are shell and resin; we offer both.  3M Ceramic is a shell, it creates a hard coating on top of the surface, annual maintenance keeps that shell strong and glossy.  Opti-Coat and Ceramic Shield are resin technology, they bond with the clear coat in the paint, making the paint itself hard and glossy.  


You may ask how do you decide which?  Like many consumer products, it comes down to what fits your goals and budget.  What are your long term expectations for the vehicle, do you lease or own, how long will you keep it?  What is your budget, there are price variations for the products.  Do you have a brand preference or is brand awareness valuable in your decision?  Do you like the slippery feel to the paint?

Another topic is hardness; the ceramic industry advertises hardness, 5H, 7H, 9H and plays that as a competitive advantage or difference between brands ... here is the real truth, the hardness of a ceramic coating is determined by what it is applied to.  Ceramic coatings are the consistency of rubbing alcohol, they are very very thin and liquid.  The hardness factor is determined by what it is applied to, so if you apply it to soft paint is is soft, if you apply it to a hard granite plate it is very hard.  Yes. the ceramic coat is hard enough to reduce the effects of micro scratches and acid rain, but, the intent is a barrier, the number is all marketing. 


If you want protection from chips, visit our page on Paint Protection Film.

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