We want to take a moment and clarify a question we get frequently - do we tint full windshields? 


The answer is no. 


Even light tint will affect your night time visibility and reduce safety for you and others in your path.  It is against PA State Law and Federal NHTSA Law ;  you will be denied PA State Inspection and we will be fined for applying the tint. 

There are ongoing Federal Lawsuits against window tint shops for doing this.  The initial fine is $1000 per car, per event, legal fees and liability risk is staggering.  Clearly we cannot assume that risk or expense. 


Federal NHTSA Code 3.49 and all PA State Codes prohibit tinting the windshield darker than the factory 70% 

It is FEDERALLY Illegal to tint the windshield below the AS1 line printed at the top. 


We know it's "cool" to do the full windshield but for moral, financial and legal reasons we simply will not.

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