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We want to clarify a question we get frequently - do we tint full windshields?  

The answer is no. 

It is Illegal, plain and simple

  • It is FEDERALLY Illegal to tint the windshield below the AS1 line printed at the top. Federal NHTSA Codes 3.49 and 205 prohibit the windshield from being less than 70% light transmission, which is already is 70%, application of ANY tint will fail this code.

  • All PA State Inspection Codes prohibit tinting the windshield darker than the factory 70% below the AS1 line. 

  • Failing PA State Inspection will force you to remove it

  • Most of the electronics are under the dashboard, and the water needed to tint the front window risks exposure to that and damage, the risk exceeds what we can charge.

  • We will be fined for applying the tint. 

  • Even light tint will affect your night time visibility and reduce safety for you and others in your path. 

  • A windshield is laminated; cleaning and working on the inside surface risks scratching it, the cost of replacing it is usually prohibitive and not worth what we can charge to tint it.

We know it looks "cool" to do the full windshield but for many reasons we will not!

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